Würth Elektronik - chooses SOCO
SYSTEM for new distribution centre

In the new headquarters, there is pallet storage with 2.200 positions and a pick store with 10,000 boxes. In addition to this, there are administration and a laboratory for sampling and extra quality testing of the products.

Würth Elektronik in Lyon is headquarters and worldwide distribution centre of electronic and electro-mechanical components. More than 250 sales representatives on a global scale make up a direct sales organisation unique in this line of business: Local support, all standard products in stock, and free samples - promises given by Würth Elektronik to their customers.

Würth Elektronik handles two types of orders in the distribution – sample packs and production orders -both handled with the same great care.

The orders are checked 3 times before being packed to ensure a high delivery quality with a mistake rate below 0,3% and a service degree over 98% which is the aim for Würth Elektronik. 
Goods ordered before 3:00 pm are delivered the next day.

In the new distribution centre, 400-500 orders are processed daily with a maximum capacity of 1.200 orders. There are numerous box sizes and weights.

Würth Elektronik - chooses SOCO SYSTEM for new distribution centre

The company Würth Elektronik with headquarters in Niedernhall (Hohenlohe) in Germany forms part of the Würth group with 6,200 employees worldwide and a global sale of approximately EUR 699 mill. in 2011.
Würth Elektronik is one of the must successful companies in the Würth group.

SOCO SYSTEM was chosen, among others, because of flexibility and ergonomics as, i.e. packaging tables and roller conveyors can be adjusted to the same working height. Other advantages are local service, easy relocation and change of the system, as well as expansion with additional standard modules.

The logistics in the warehouse are, among others, based on colour differentiation of boxes - blue boxes for picking and red boxes for the pick store. 

Conveyor system at Würth Elektronik

SOCO SYSTEM has delivered two internal conveyor systems for the distribution centre in Lyon.

One system is for conveying, sealing, control, and sorting of the packed orders to the shipping pallets distributed on three distributors. This system has a parallel conveyor for return of the empty pick boxes to central collection.

The other system is for empty boxes from the pick store conveyed on belt conveyors for refilling.

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