General delivery times

The delivery times listed below are indicative and general. In peak periods, the delivery time can be longer and, in some cases, a shorter delivery time is also an option. The current delivery time will always appear from the order confirmation. Ask the SOCO SYSTEM sales department about the current delivery time.

Case erecting
AHS                                                   8 weeks.


Orders up to DKK 75,000                  6-8 working days.

Orders from DKK 75,000-300,000    12-16 working days.

Orders exceeding DKK 300,000        Contact the sales department.

Internal conveyor system
in stainless steel version                    6 working weeks.

Internal conveyor system
with complex control system               Contact the sales department.

Verti / CON-Verti elevator                   8 weeks.

Rotary tables                                      2 weeks.    
Stainless steel versions                      4 weeks.

Case sealing

    T-100, T-10        
    T-400, T-402
    T-55                                               2 weeks.    
    Stainless steel versions                  4 weeks.

    FT-57                                             8 weeks.

 Packaging tables with bottom flap folder

    F-100 P                                           2 weeks.    
    Stainless steel versions                   4 weeks.


 Pallet handling

    Pallet roller conveyors                    5-7 weeks.

    Rotary table                                    8 weeks.

    PalManager Multi                            2 weeks.

    PalManager GM5
    PalManager electric                       6 weeks.



    Standard robot
    (without pallet
     conveyors)                                   8-10 weeks.

    Robot-In-A-Box                             12 weeks.

    Robot system                               12-14 weeks.

    Pallet loader
    (without pallet 
     conveyors)                                   8-10 weeks.


Pallet securing

    PW-1000                                     2 weeks.

    PW-1100                                     8 weeks.

    PW-1200                                     8-10 weeks.


All SOCO SYSTEM products are available in partial or complete stainless steel versions. Contact SOCO SYSTEM sales department if delivery time for stainless steel version is not indicated here.