End-of-Line packaging equipment and packaging systems

    Product focus

    • One-cobot basic packing system

      One cobot packing system!

      A case erector + a case sealer + a conveyor
      Three standard modules that together with a cobot form a packing system.

      The case sealer is very easy to adjust for current case size. Adjustment can be carried out from both sides of the machine. 

      SOCO SYSTEM modules:

      It is easy to integrate a cobot with SOCO SYSTEM standard modules.

      Just add your own cobot!

    • 3-ways tilt module for cobots

      The 3-way tilt module is one of the more advanced modules that can be used together with a cobot from, for example, Omron or UR in a packaging process.

      The module holds the carton in an optimised packing position.

      In general, all SOCO SYSTEM products are easy to integrate with all robot types.

    • A hat for every head - find it in Hatstore online shop!

      Hatstore is a very well assorted global online shop for caps and hats. With over 500,000 items in stock, Hatstore has something to offer anyone looking for caps and hats. In addition, with very fast delivery and caring customer service.

      SOCO SYSTEM has supplied a complete packaging line where the conveyor system in combination with a case erector feeds the operators with empty boxes ready for filling. The filled boxes are closed by a fully automatic case sealer and sorted out so that all hats end on the right heads whether it is in Brazil, Germany, Sweden, or anywhere else.

    • Packaging line for webshop in Poland

      The polish logistic center is the supplier of professional cooking equipment, kitchen tools, cutlery, serving and buffet items for the hospitality industry.

      SOCO SYSTEM delivered a packaging line to the new warehouse opened in 2020 near Poznań. The line consists of six packaging stations for confectioning, packing, erecting and sealing of boxes as well as the system of conveyors.

      Implementation of the new SOCO SYSTEM packaging line has increased the capacity of packing products by 50 per cent. Therefore the line has been extended by additional conveyor modules to meet the new conveying and buffering demands.

      The project was implemented in cooperation with Cube Systems Ltd.

    • Woldoshop GmbH in Hamburg invests in end-of-line solution from SOCO SYSTEM

      Martin Walter, CEO, Woldoshop GmbH
      Mr Walter, how do you see the future in online trading?
      Automated processes are the future. Every day, we work with new challenges and the most modern technology from incoming goods to shipping with equipment from our partner and manufacturer SOCO SYSTEM from Denmark. Optimisation of the processes for storage, packaging, and dispatch are, in our opinion, the future and ensured success for our company. Use of state-of-the-art technology from incoming goods to shipping reduced operating expenses by 50%, increased our output, and reduced our error rate by 25%.

      ​​​​​​​In robotics, too, we see automation processes with great potential for the warehouse of the future. The warehouse of the future will be almost completely automated, and this is also the path we want to go as a company. Of course, not all storage systems can be fully automated. We, therefore, daily work on flexible solutions for these non-automatable processes.

      Why did you choose SOCO SYSTEM as your partner?
      With SOCO SYSTEM, we found a competent partner who has a complete, flexible modular system, from case erector, conveyor system, case sealer, palletising robot to pallet conveyor technology and pallet magazines. From advice to commissioning, just one contact person. Short payback periods also make the investment interesting for small companies. There are suitable solutions for every budget.

    • 3D at your fingertips

      .DWF, .STEP, .SAT, .DWG or .STL – you decide the format.

      Designing and planning a packing station or a complete end-of-line packaging line tailored to your specific needs have never been easier.

      With our online product configurator, it is easy to tailor our products to fit into an existing solution or to build a new end-of-line solution.

      You just have to make an account, and request access to our online configurator. Send your request to info@socosystem.com.

      After that, you can select the product you need, make the configuration, and download the 3D model(s) to your own 3D software. Then you can start the planning.

    • SOCO SYSTEM PalManager is now "MiR Ready"

      SOCO SYSTEM is now launching two new PalManager pallet magazine models prepared for communication and integration with MiR - and to form part of pallet handling solutions with this popular AMR (autonomous mobile robot).

      It is not a new thing for SOCO SYSTEM to integrate 3rd party products for extended pallet handling in "end-of-line" solutions. Over time, we have made a number of project solutions where we have integrated e.g.  AGVs, driverless trucks, etc. - but where the trend currently is making good progress in autonomous mobile robots.

      The new "MiR Ready" PalManager pallet magazines - product information
      The PalManager models "MiR Ready" are dedicated standard products for 14 and 24 pallets respectively and both models are available in versions for EU pallets and for closed pallets (CHEP, GMP, etc.). Find more information about the two models here:

      ​​​​​​​PalManager Fixed - Ready for MiR AMR
      PalManager High - Ready for MiR AMR

      New developments .... integration and Industry 4.0
      We look forward to developing and delivering good and efficient SOCO SYSTEM "end-of-line" solutions - also with integration to the many exciting new opportunities offered in robotics and Industry 4.0.

    • Makita combines efficiency and ergonomics in its Hungarian webshop

      With a conveying system and case sealers from SOCO SYSTEM, Makita Hungary has invested in a logistics solution that ensures a smooth, efficient packaging flow of its quality power tools, tool accessories, and spare parts- ready to be shipped to their Hungarian distributors.
      The case sealer model is T-55 - ideal for webshops handling many different sizes of boxes.

    • Nyakas Winery invests in palletising solution

      To make the production and delivery of wine more efficient and ergonomic, Nyakas designed its packaging system in collaboration with SOCO SYSTEM.

      Nyakas Winery is located in the Etyek-Buda wine region in Hungary, in a tiny settlement at the foot of the Nyakas Hill wearing the simple name ‘Tök’ (which means ‘pumpkin’ in Hungarian).

      Nyakas Winery has produced wine since 1997. Already from the beginning, the winery received recognition for its extraordinary white wine. In 2002 the chief winemaker of Nyakas Winery Mr. Ernő Malya was granted the „winemaker of the year” award in Hungary. 

      SOCO SYSTEM delivered an automatic case sealer sealing the cases at the top using adhesive tape. With a SOCO SYSTEM conveyor system consisting of roller conveyor and belt conveyor, the Nyakas wine is transported to the end of the line where a palletising robot is placed. By means of vacuum, the palletiser lifts the cases and places them according to a selected pallet pattern.

      The SOCO SYSTEM solution helps Nyakas increase productivity, while eliminating physically demanding work tasks such as heavy lifting and repetitive movements.

    • SOCO_SYSTEM_Fully_automatic_packaging_line_for_customer_ in_Germany

      Fully automatic SOCO SYSTEM packaging installation in the metal industry

      On 3 fully automatic packaging lines, stamped sheet metal parts are packed fully automatically into cases, palletised and stretch wrapped, ready for dispatch.
      Cases are erected in the case erector and sealed at the bottom with self-adhesive tape.
      The modular conveyor system conveys the cases to the filling point and the metal parts are dropped into the case as bulk goods. An integrated vibrating table prevents the products from towering in the box.
      When the desired filling level has been reached, the top flaps of the box are securely closed by the case sealer. The palletising robot lifts the cases with vacuum and places them on the pallet according to the selected pallet pattern.
      Slip sheets are automatically placed between the layers to stabilise the load. The pallet magazine dispends empty pallets to the respective palletising system.
      Finished pallets are transported to the pallet stretch wrapper and top film applicator by means of a transfer trolley. At the end of a long buffer section for finished goods, a forklift removes the pallets and brings them to the warehouse.
      The planning of the system was done hand in hand with the customer and was visualised and presented to the customer in 3D. The fully automatic packaging line is made entirely with SOCO SYSTEM standard modules.
      The customer has had a SOCO SYSTEM palletising robot in operation in a sister plant for 20 years. 

    • SOCO SYSTEM has developed a new machine for auto-lock bottom boxes

      The aim is to meet a specific demand in the field of packaging - boxes with automatic bottom.

      Different types of box designs can be erected. Some cardboard cases have auto-lock bottom flaps and others require internal pressure to finalise the shaping.
      The machine can handle cases of different formats and the maximum capacity of the OAB case erector up to 14 boxes per minute depending on the size and design of the box.

      The OAB case erector is very user-friendly and it takes a few minutes to adjust from one format to another. It is designed to ensure optimum safety for the personnel as well as easy maintenance.
      The pneumatic parts of the box erector are Festo and the PLC is Siemens.
      Different options are available for the OAB machine such as: Alarm for case magazine, signal exchange, etc.

    • User friendliness is our goal

      At SOCO SYSTEM, we strive to make it as easy as possible to install and use our products.

      That is why we are working on making instruction animations on all our products.

      One example could be this instruction video where you learn how to mount the belt on our belt conveyor in these six easy steps:

      1) Loosen the tension roller
      2) Raise the conveyor and mount belt
      3) Assemble conveyor frame
      4) Adjust tension roller 
      5) Mount supporting roller underneath
      6) Mount supports 

    • 140,000 case sealers at work worldwide - 24/7

      For 50 years, approximately 140,000 case sealers have been manufactured in the factory in Denmark - Danish design and production.
      SOCO case sealers is a brand known in the most remote, smallest, and largest countries in the world.
      Most of them are still going strong and quite a few have changed working place several times in their lives.
      Many spare parts inquiries are received daily and we can handle most of them - also if the machine is almost 40 years old.
      The machines seal cardboard boxes containing almost everything imaginable.

    • NWD webshop packing center

      10 ergonomic and efficient packaging stations integrated with case sealers and conveyor system from SOCO SYSTEM.

    • Palletising robots improving ergonomics daily

      Lifts can cause damage as a result of either heavy, unexpected, unaccustomed or long-lasting workloads.

      See the example on how many pickup trucks a typical manual palletising work can be measured in.

    • Lars Frederiksen_Nilfisk_SOCO_SYSTEM

      Paradigm shift at Distribution Centre Copenhagen results in a potential saving of approximately 30% for Nilfisk

      - From picking orders in plastic trays to picking direct into shipping cartons.

      In the new system, each order/case is equipped with a unique ID in the form of a label with bar codes and a unique 4-digit ID in large print. The label follows and identifies the order/case to the point of shipment.
      The SAP EWM system makes a continuous and dynamic calculation of the order flow and ensures optimisation of the picking process. The system analyses the orders, chooses packaging sizes and the most efficient way from pick store to customer - irrespective of being sent in case, on pallet, in scantainer, or in a transport cage. A new packaging line from SOCO SYSTEM was purchased as part of the new process.

      The packaging line consists of driven roller conveyors, belt conveyors, side pushers, flap folders, and a case sealer. Programming connects everything and sees to printing of pack lists, delivery notes, and shipping label when the cases have been packed and tape sealed. Everything is standard SOCO SYSTEM components and modules that can be extended, relocated, and adjusted according to changes in the production environment. 

    • 2manPackstation_2xF-100_T-55

      Two man packing station for random boxes

      The 2-man packing station consists of 4 standard modules - packaging tables, case sealer and conveyor - making life easier and more ergonomic for the employees.

      This also ensures a neat finish and reduced tape consumption.

      Outstanding packaging station for example for web shops!

      The package:
      2 F-100 packaging tables with bottom flap folder
      1 ball table
      1 kit for assembly
      1 T-55 case sealer
      1 roller conveyor

      See the pack table F-100 in action!

      Read more about case sealer T-55 and see it in action!

    • PalManager_Mette_proface

      Safe, easy, and noiseless!

      The PalManager is used either for stacking of pallets or as a magazine from which the operator can collect one pallet at a time.
      The pallet magazine is available in two versions for 14 or 20 pallets.

      The pallet magazine can be used as single module or as an integrated part of a large system.


      • Safe pallet handling - fewer industrial injuries
      • No physical strain
      • Almost noiseless operation
      • Spares the pallets
      • User friendly operation

    Latest news!

    • Webshippy
      Complete conveyor system at Webshippy Hungary

      The automated handling process with the conveyor system reduces the delivery time of orders and increases the delivery process efficiency.

    • industri_40_holo_orange
      SOCO SYSTEM “The New Orange”

      60 years of customer experience and expertise merged with the latest digital developments and an open and innovative approach to the automation industry.

    • Paper tape
      Paper tape for case sealing

      An environmentally friendly alternative to plastic-based tape.

    • Palletising robot
      Palletising robot in various configurations

      See Standard examples with palletising robot.