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    Makita combines efficiency and ergonomics in its Hungarian webshop

    With a conveying system and case sealers from SOCO SYSTEM, Makita Hungary has invested in a logistics solution that ensures a smooth, efficient packaging flow of its quality power tools, tool accessories, and spareparts- ready to be shipped to their Hungarian distributors.

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    Nyakas Winery invests in palletising solution

    To make the production and delivery of wine more efficient and ergonomic, Nyakas designed its packaging system in collaboration with SOCO SYSTEM. The SOCO SYSTEM solution helps Nyakas increase productivity, while eliminating physically demanding work tasks such as heavy lifting and repetitive movements.

  • Woldoshop
    End-of-line solution at Woldoshop GmbH ensures efficiency and ergonomics

    Case erector, case sealer, conveying system, and palletising robot - these are all SOCO SYSTEM standard modules in the new end-of-line packaging solution at Woldoshop GmbH.

  • SOCO palletising robot at customer
    Robot-In-A-Box palletising solution at Sara Lee Nordic

    The concept of Robot-In-A-Box standard palletising package is that purchase of a robot must be nearly as easy as purchase of a mobile phone.

  • Pallet magazine at Carlsberg
    PalManager at Carlsberg distribution centre

    The pallet magazine stands in the probably biggest Danish distribution centre for beer and soft drinks in Denmark.

  • NWD webshop packing center
    NWD webshop packing centre uses SOCO SYSTEM equipment

    Packing centre with 10 ergonomic and efficient packaging stations with integrated case sealers and conveyor system.
    Capacity up to 4800 cases in 8 hours.

  • SOCO SYSTEM packaging line at Ciba
    60 pallets an hour at Ciba Spezialitätenchemie AG

    A complete, tailor-made system comprising SOCO SYSTEM standard modules: Case erector, case sealer, palletising robots, pallet dispenser, automatic pallet stretch wrapper.

  • Two SOCO SYSTEM palletising robots in Gyermely
    Two SOCO SYSTEM palletising robots in Gyermely

    SOCO SYSTEM has supplied pallet conveyors, pallet magazines, and palletizing robots as part of the fully automated production.

  • delikatessskinkor
    Palletising robot at Delikatess Skinkor

    The robot was supplied with two grippers - one for cardboard cases and one for plastic crates.
    The grippers are easily and quickly changed and a new pallet pattern selected on the robot control panel.

  • Palletising robot for buckets
    Palletising robot for buckets of mayonnaise at Rydbergs

    The software is Windows based and the IPC can be used to control any peripheral equipment such as pallet conveyors, pallet magazines etc.

  • SOCO SYSTEM packaging lines at France Prunes
    Packaging lines at France Prunes

    Packaging lines: Case sealers, conveyors, and Verti lifts.

  • Pallet loader at Peter Mertes
    Packaging line for wine at Peter Mertes

    The packaging line consists of conveyors, pushers, pallet magazine, and pallet loader.

  • Two fully automatic palletising lines
    Two fully automatic palletising lines at Dansk Kaffe

    The packaging lines can palletise 800 x 1200 and 800 x 1000 EUR pallets and on ¼ pallets.

  • Double palletising robot at Ekmans
    Double palletising robot at Ekmans

    The double robot can handle two different products arriving at the robot on two separate infeed conveyors – one from each production line.

  • Palletising robots at Altmark Käserei Uelzena
    Palletising robots at Altmark Käserei Uelzena

    Four double palletising robots, pallet conveyors, and conveyor system.

  • Packaging line for Brauerei C. & A. VELTINS
    Packaging line for Brauerei C. & A. VELTINS

    Packaging line including box erector, tape sealer, palletising robot, pallet magazine and conveyor lines.

  • SOCO SYSTEM conveyor system
    Esteé Lauder: Efficient distribution with SOCO SYSTEM logistics

    Order cartons are closed quickly and efficiently by a semiautomatic carton sealer and the conveyor system leads the cartons to 8 sorting conveyors.