Examples of case erectors, conveyors, case sealers, pallet magazines, and palletising robots - all part of the same system:

    Product focus

    • SOCO_SYSTEM_packaging_line _at Umpac

      Umpac boosts efficiency and increases capacity with new packaging line

      The packaging line includes all processes from case erecting to pallet packing.

      The line is comprised by SOCO SYSTEM standard modules in close cooperation between Umpac employees and experienced SOCO SYSTEM employees from the sales and project departments. Communication with supplier of labelling and pneumatics was also handled by SOCO SYSTEM. Teamwork and partnership are parts of the equation for making a project of this size successful. 

      Total supplier of packaging lines with own production”
      The fact that SOCO SYSTEM is a total supplier with own production of all modules in the packaging line was a substantial parameter for choosing SOCO SYSTEM. This ensures full compatibility and no adjustments of products from different manufacturers. 
      Easy availability of service and spare parts in the expected life of the entire packaging line is also an essential factor.

    • Lars Frederiksen_Nilfisk_SOCO_SYSTEM

      Paradigm shift at Distribution Centre Copenhagen results in a potential saving of approximately 30% for Nilfisk

      - From picking orders in plastic trays to picking direct into shipping cartons.

      In the new system, each order/case is equipped with a unique ID in the form of a label with bar codes and a unique 4 digit ID in large print. The label follows and identifies the order/case to the point of shipment.
      The SAP EWM system makes a continuous and dynamic calculation of the order flow and ensures optimisation of the picking process. The system analyses the orders, chooses packaging sizes and the most efficient way from pick store to customer - irrespective of being sent in case, on pallet, in scantainer, or in a transport cage. A new packaging line from SOCO SYSTEM was purchased as part of the new process.

      The packaging line consists of driven roller conveyors, belt conveyors, side pushers, flap folders, and a case sealer. Programming connects everything and sees to printing of pack lists, delivery notes, and shipping label when the cases have been packed and tape sealed. Everything is standard SOCO SYSTEM components and modules that can be extended, relocated, and adjusted according to changes in the production environment. 

    • 2manPackstation_2xF-100_T-55

      Two man packing station for random boxes

      The 2-man packing station consists of 4 standard modules - packaging tables, case sealer and conveyor - making life easier and more ergonomic for the employees.

      This also ensures a neat finish and reduced tape consumption.

      Outstanding packaging station for example for web shops!

      The package:
      2 F-100 packaging tables with bottom flap folder
      1 balltable
      1 kit for assembly
      1 T-55 case sealer
      1 roller conveyor

      See the pack table F-100 in action!

      Read more about case sealer T-55 and see it in action!

    • PalManager_Mette_proface

      Safe, easy, and noiseless!

      The PalManager is used either for stacking of pallets or as a magazine from which the operator can collect one pallet at a time.
      The pallet magazine is available in two versions for 14 or 20 pallets.

      The pallet magazine can be used as single module or as an integrated part of a large system.


      • Safe pallet handling - fewer industrial injuries
      • No physical strain
      • Almost noiseless operation
      • Spares the pallets
      • User friendly operation

    Latest news!

    • NWD
      NWD webshop packing centre uses SOCO SYSTEM equipment

      Packing centre with 10 ergonomic and efficient packaging stations with integrated case sealers and conveyor system.
      Capacity up to 4800 cases in 8 hours.

    • Flexible_packstations
      Improve productivity with flexible packaging systems

      Improved productivity, neater and better case sealing, plus the ability to relocate, adapt and extend the packing station.

    • COOP_packstations
      Webshop increase capacity and ergonomics

      Coop.dk - one of the largest webshops in DK - boosts capacity with new packaging stations from SOCO SYSTEM.

    • SOCO_Verti_01_L_teaser
      Up- or downwards with SOCO Verti

      See the versatile SOCO Verti lift concept.