Efficient flexible packaging equipment and packaging systems

    Product focus

    • One-cobot basic packing system

      One cobot packing system!

      A case erector + a case sealer + a conveyor
      Three standard modules that together with a cobot form a packing system.

      The case sealer is very easy to adjust for current case size. Adjustment can be carried out from both sides of the machine. 

      SOCO SYSTEM modules:

      It is easy to integrate a cobot with SOCO SYSTEM standard modules.

      Just add your own cobot!

    • 035348light-smaller

      End-of-line packaging system - efficient workplace solutions with quick ROI!

      Improved productivity with quality tape sealed boxes. The SOCO SYSTEM concept creates flexible, mobile and easy expandable packing solutions, build on efficiency and ergonomics. These are some of the benefits of investing in a flexible SOCO SYSTEM packing system.

    • 140,000 case sealers at work worldwide - 24/7

      For 50 years, approximately 140,000 case sealers have been manufactured in the factory in Denmark - Danish design and production.
      SOCO case sealers is a brand known in the most
      remote, smallest, and largest countries in the world.
      Most of them are still going strong and quite a few have changed working place several times in their lives.
      Many spare parts inquiries are received daily and we can handle most of them - also if the machine is almost 40 years old.
      The machines seal cardboard boxes containing almost everything imaginable.

    • User friendliness is our goal

      At SOCO SYSTEM, we strive to make it as easy as possible to install and use our products.

      That is why we are working on making instruction animations on all our products.

      One example could be this instruction video where you learn how to mount the belt on our belt conveyor in these six easy steps:

      1) Loosen the tension roller
      2) Raise the conveyor and mount belt
      3) Assemble conveyor frame
      4) Adjust tension roller 
      5) Mount supporting roller underneath
      6) Mount supports 

    • NWD webshop packing center

      10 ergonomic and efficient packaging stations integrated with case sealers and conveyor system from SOCO SYSTEM.

    • Coopdk_packstations_webshop

      Webshop increase capacity and ergonomics

      Coop.dk - one of the largest webshops in DK - boosts capacity with new packaging systems from SOCO SYSTEM.

      When sealing many boxes every day using a handheld tape dispenser, inevitably shoulder pain will develop. Using automated carton sealers for top and bottom sealing of cases, this can be avoided. It is also faster, and the end result much more impressive. Coop.dk uses 11 different box sizes due to the large variety of products and order sizes. The carton sealers automatically adjust to the selected carton size making them ideal for web shops typically working with many different box sizes.

      The SOCO SYSTEM solution
      The packaging line consists of three 2-person packaging stations complete with packaging tables to facilitate case erecting, closure of the bottom flaps, and fixing of the case during filling. Ball tables enable easy insertion of filled cases into the case sealer, which automatically adapts to the size of the box and seals it at top and bottom with tape. The sealed case is then led onto a driven roller conveyor, after which the cases from the three packaging stations are accumulated and collected for palletising.
      The packaging line consists of standard modules from the extensive SOCO SYSTEM range; they can be expanded, moved, and adjusted in response to changes in the production environment. The SOCO SYSTEM products are ideal for web shops and are stocked to meet different packaging needs and solutions.

    • Kailow_packstation

      From manual packing to mobile, semiautomatic packaging lines

      When a printing house like Kailow suddenly receives a large order for printing of a magazine, quite a lot of paper will have to get through the flow quickly.

      This was the background for the investment in 2 mobile boomerang packaging lines from SOCO SYSTEM.

      The packaging lines are placed in the bookbinding department ensuring efficiency improvement and minimising manual lifts. The packaging line covers the entire logistics from printed matters to closed cartons - ready for palletising. 

      The core of the packaging lines is a semiautomatic case sealer for simultaneous top and bottom tape sealing. This feature is particularly interesting for Kailow as they cannot use cartons with automatic bottom due to the weight of the contents. This means that Kailow saves 2 manual handling processes for each carton (bottom and top tape sealing) when using the case sealer from SOCO SYSTEM. Furthermore, this ensures packaging savings as cartons with automatic bottom are significantly more expensive than regular folding cartons.

      After the case sealer, the cartons are accumulated on a flexi conveyor system. The conveyor system is designed as an adjustable boomerang requiring a minimum of space. The boomerang brings the carton back to the operator, thus minimising the number of steps. Finally, the packaging line is equipped with castors for easy relocation in the production.

    • Semi automatic pneumatic case erector and packaging table

      Used as packing table in front of a case sealer or conveyor.

      Read more!

    • basicPackStation_CarstenKartonhold_poster_20

      One man packaging system - Starters kit

      Three efficient SOCO SYSTEM standard modules combined to an effective, ergonomic and compact one man packaging system.

      All modules are part of the SOCO SYSTEM and the kit can be extended to a fully automatic packaging line.

    • 2manPackstation_2xF-100_T-55

      Two man packaging system - Ideal for web shops

      Fill and seal from same position.

      Four efficient SOCO SYSTEM standard modules combined to an effective, ergonomic and compact two man packaging system.

      See the packing system in action!

      Read more about the solution!

    • SOCO SYSTEM PalManager is now "MiR Ready"

      SOCO SYSTEM is now launching two new PalManager pallet magazine models prepared for communication and integration with MiR - and to form part of pallet handling solutions with this popular AMR (autonomous mobile robot).

      It is not a new thing for SOCO SYSTEM to integrate 3rd party products for extended pallet handling in "end-of-line" solutions. Over time, we have made a number of project solutions where we have integrated e.g.  AGVs, driverless trucks, etc. - but where the trend currently is making good progress in autonomous mobile robots.

      The new "MiR Ready" PalManager pallet magazines - product information
      The PalManager models "MiR Ready" are dedicated standard products for 14 and 24 pallets respectively and both models are available in versions for EU pallets and for closed pallets (CHEP, GMP, etc.). Find more information about the two models here:

      ​​​​​​​PalManager Fixed - Ready for MiR AMR
      PalManager High - Ready for MiR AMR

      New developments .... integration and Industry 4.0
      We look forward to developing and delivering good and efficient SOCO SYSTEM "end-of-line" solutions - also with integration to the many exciting new opportunities offered in robotics and Industry 4.0.

    Latest news!

    • NWD
      NWD webshop packing centre uses SOCO SYSTEM equipment

      Packing centre with 10 ergonomic and efficient packaging stations with integrated case sealers and conveyor system.
      Capacity up to 4800 cases in 8 hours.

    • ITW_packstation
      Almost impossible to wear out

      After 40 years still going strong and with a stability which is fully abreast of present time equipment. 

    • Flexible_packstations
      Improve productivity with flexible packaging systems

      Improved productivity, neater and better case sealing, plus the ability to relocate, adapt and extend the packing station.
      These are some of the benefits of investing in a flexible SOCO SYSTEM packaging system.

    • ProdanaSeedsPackagingStation
      Two man packaging system at Prodana Seeds

      Investment in a new packaging line gave an improved working environment, higher productivity, and lower transport costs.