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    • COOP_packstations.jpg
      Webshop increase capacity and ergonomics

      Coop.dk - one of the largest webshops in DK - boosts capacity with new packaging stations from SOCO SYSTEM.

    • Kailow_packstation.jpg
      Efficient packaging station gears Kailow for growth

      Ultra modern, graphic total supplier is thriving. In many ways, Kailow is a unique business. 

    • ITW_packstation.jpg
      Almost impossible to wear out

      After 40 years still going strong and with a stability which is fully abreast of present time equipment. 

    • ProdanaSeedsPackagingStation.jpg
      Two man packaging station at Prodana Seeds

      Investment in a new packaging line gave an improved working environment, higher productivity, and lower transport costs.