Palletising robots

Automatic palletising

Increase productivity and competitiveness with our fully automatic palletising robots. We offer a specialised selection of intelligent solutions with a high degree of operational reliability, accuracy, and user friendliness.

Increase productivity and enhance the working environment
Our fully automatic palletising robots are an investment in your company increasing productivity, improving competitiveness, and enhancing the working environment. With the robots, your company saves time-consuming, manual labour making it possible for your employees to focus on real development initiatives creating growth and new workplaces in the company. The amortisation time for the robots is approximately 18 months at only 8 hours of daily operation.
Palletising is a time-consuming and repetitive process involving hard and physically demanding working functions for your employees. A palletising robot spares your employees monotonous, physically demanding work so you avoid exposing them to unnecessary health risks that, in the worst case, could mean long sick leave from the company. At the same time, a palletising robot can load the pallets with optimum filling degree and, thus, improving the freight economy.

Intelligent and flexible palletising
Our palletising robots are available in various versions (for, e.g. various pallet sizes and loading heights) and with a wide selection of transport and function modules (such as e.g. pallet magazines, pallet roller conveyors, and pallet stretch wrappers). We can install the modules when the need arises and, in this way, adapt the robots to the growth in your company on a continuous basis.

The palletising robots are delivered with vacuum head adapted for your products, with driven inlet conveyor to ensure correct placing of the items for the grippers, with pallet guides ensuring correct placing of the pallets, and with a CE approved safety guarding.
The capacity is up to 10 transfers per minute with optional transfer of several items at the same time. The maximum item weight is usually approximately 30 kg.

The robots are spray painted in the colours RAL2000 and RAL9005 but they are available in other colours at extra cost. The palletising robots are available completely or partially in stainless steel for wet environments.

Simple and operationally reliable integration
It is simple and quick to install the palletising robots in your existing company production environment. They are, of course, delivered thoroughly tested with your products, packagings, and pallet patterns so that they are ready for use when installed.
Changeover from manual palletising to automatic palletising was never easier.
Operation of the palletising robots is done via a simple and user friendly, Windows based control panel. Via the control panel, the robots can be changed to new pallet patterns in a few seconds and connected modules, such as pallet conveyors and pallet magazines, can be controlled. The robots are operationally reliable and require a minimum of maintenance, even when being in daily use. Access to the mechanical parts of the palletising robots is good and cleaning is, therefore, easy.

Get a non-binding offer
If you would like to know more about how we can help your company with automatic palletising please do not hesitate to contact us. Based on a thorough and informal dialogue about your company and your needs, we can guide you how to maximise the efficiency potential in your company.
We give you concrete and competent guidance and we deliver a solution based on your company and your production. We will, of course, involve and train your employees in the process to prepare them for the new, simplified workflows. We look forwarding to helping you on!