SOCO SYSTEM “The New Orange”

SOCO SYSTEM is developing rapidly - in 2021 the company turned 60 years young - which was the starting point for a revitalisation and an evolution on all levels - organisation, products, market approach, and much more.

"The New Orange" is the slogan that, going forward, symbolises SOCO SYSTEM's continuous development and merging with the expanding digital and autonomous world.

In short, The New Orange is 60 years of customer experience and expertise merged with the latest digital developments and an open and innovative approach to all the players in the automation industry.

The notable orange shade is the brand's signature colour, which is also the primary colour of SOCO SYSTEM machines.

SOCO SYSTEM provides technology to meet the needs of Industry 4.0 within any industry segment.

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Danish design, development, and production

The first case sealer was produced by SOCO SYSTEM in 1968 and was named T-01. The newest model is from 2022 with the name T-2000. More than 150,000 case sealers have been produced in the factory in Nykøbing Mors in the last 50 years.

The heart of the machine - the tape dispenser - has been developed into the perfect tool over time, which is used in both case erectors and case sealers.

SOCO SYSTEM case sealers is a brand known in all parts of the world. Most of them are still in operation, and some have changed workplace several times in their lives.

Today, there are 12 different models, and a new model is on the way.

SOCO SYSTEM fully automatic packaging line

1961 - 2023 From case sealers to fully automatic packaging lines

Today, our products range from one-man packing stations to fully automatic packaging lines. Processes included are case erecting, packing, conveying, case sealing, pallet handling, palletising, and pallet securing. All designed and produced in our own factories in Denmark.

The core product remains end-of-line packaging and handling!

New SOCO SYSTEM modules for robots and cobots

In addition to our own palletising robots with advanced user-friendly software, SOCO SYSTEM is developing new machines and equipment that can be integrated, or work side by side, with AGVs, AMRs, and cobots.

In future, all our machines and modules will be ready for communication and digitalisation. Examples include SOCO SYSTEM pallet magazines, which are produced in versions dedicated to AGV and AMR robots, as well as various function modules specially designed for cooperation with cobots.

With SOCO SYSTEM's various modules, it is easy to construct a cobot pack station, for example.

SOCO SYSTEM will continue this development.



Modules and machines ready for integration with cobots
The 3-way tilt module is one of the more advanced modules that can be used together with a cobot from, for example, Omron or UR in a packaging process. The module holds the carton in an optimised packing position.
In general, all SOCO SYSTEM products are ready for integration with all robot types.

New tools for partners and end users: 3D, AR, and VR

SOCO SYSTEM uses AR technology in some product categories to make it easy for customers to check if the products fit in the desired location by using a smartphone.

AR technology utilises smartphone cameras and their processing power to overlay the information that the phone records. More than half of the 6 billion smartphones being used today are powerful enough to enable mobile AR. You simply scan a QR code or activate a link, after which you can place the product in the production environment and take a photo or video for documentation.

SOCO SYSTEM uses the latest VR technology for product development, service, and presentation of our products and solutions. We also use simulation software to simulate the customer's production and to test the maximum capacity of the packaging lines. Subsequently, we can prepare the project for production and reduce the production time on the floor.

SOCO SYSTEM is able to 3D scan the production premises and use this to set up a virtual production environment in the current customer environment.

SOCO SYSTEM will continue this development and find tools that provide real value for the user.

SOCO SYSTEM WebAR_ packstation

Experience the products with SOCO SYSTEM WebAR
Scan the QR code and then place the packaging station where you want it.
All you need is your smartphone.
You can also take a photo or video as documentation.

The website – an important communication tool

SOCO SYSTEM has developed a website which, in addition to product presentations and customer cases, currently contains a web shop, product configurators, and a 3D online product configurator.

With the 3D online product configurator, it is possible for automation partners and end users to configure, download, design, and plan a packaging station or a complete end-of-line packaging line tailored to the customer’s specific need. The configurator can be accessed after creating an account on SOCO SYSTEM’s website.

New videos and animations are continuously being produced to show how each product can be used and/or installed. All our customer reference videos and product animations are accessible on our YouTube channel.

Many new features have been planned for the website.

SOCO SYSTEM online 3D configurator

3D product models at your fingertips
.DWF, .STEP, .SAT, .DWG or .STL – you decide the format.
You can find the 3D online configurator on SOCO SYSTEM's website. All you need to do is register as a user and request access to our online product configurator.
Send your request to

Watch the video

IoT – digitisation of the end-of-line solutions

In SOCO SYSTEM, we have developed an IoT solution that can be configured and targeted to current customer needs, whether it is the automation of processes, energy optimisation, preventive maintenance, operational optimisation or to help the operator.

IoT (Internet of things).

Data can be accessed locally, on smartphones or computers.

Global / Local presence

SOCO SYSTEM has always been active on the export markets – initially starting in Europe and since then expanding the network of partners and direct end users, allowing us, today, to use the term "Global / Local". SOCO SYSTEM carton sealers and other machines are found in all parts of the world. Since the production of the first carton sealer, around 150,000 have been sold - a large portion of these are still active in production.

New markets are continuously being added.