General terms of sale and delivery

Prevailing unless other written agreement exists.

Quotations and confirmations of orders
1) Each quotation is valid for the period of option stated in the quotation, yet subject to prior sale.

2) Only orders confirmed by SOCO SYSTEM in writing are binding for SOCO SYSTEM.

3) Verbally arranged alterations in part specifications or equipment ordered are only valid when confirmed in writing by SOCO SYSTEM.

Drawings and descriptions
4) Drawings, proposals, and descriptions remain SOCO SYSTEM property and may not be copied, submitted to competing firms or executed without permission from SOCO SYSTEM.

5) Technical data stated in SOCO SYSTEM catalogues and other printed matters as well as drawings and illustrations are without obligations, and SOCO SYSTEM reserves the right to make alterations and/or modifications prior to acceptance of orders.

Price, shipment, and insurance
6) SOCO SYSTEM reserves the right to price alterations as a consequence of fluctuating exchange rates.

7) Exw dispatch charges are for buyer’s account and risk, insurance is to be covered by buyer.

8) Packing is charged to buyer, and packing material is not returnable. Depending on the means of transportation, SOCO SYSTEM determines the method of packing.

9) Time of delivery (time of dispatch) runs from the day all details concerning the order are settled, including that the terms or payment agreed upon have been fulfilled and, if necessary, an import licence has been obtained.

10) Time of dispatch is subject to strikes, lock-outs, or Acts of God, including subsupplier’s delivery failure.

11) Delay in dispatch does not give buyer the right to cancel orders or to refuse to accept delivery or to neglect the terms of payment. No compensation is given for working loss, lost profit, or any other cost due to delayed delivery.

12) The goods delivered remain property of SOCO SYSTEM until all charges have been paid. Until that time, buyer shall keep the delivered goods insured at their full value.

Time allowed for claims
13) In conformity with the below stated, SOCO SYSTEM undertakes to remedy any defect within a period of one year resulting from faulty design, materials, or workmanship of which a written complaint is received within 3 months from the time of dispatch, provided the terms of payment have been observed and provided operation is max. 8 hours per day. For products not of SOCO SYSTEM manufacture forming part of SOCO SYSTEM’s supply, SOCO SYSTEM grants the same guarantee as SOCO SYSTEM receives from the subsupplier.

14) When notification about any defect mentioned under article 13 has been received from buyer, SOCO SYSTEM undertakes to repair in SOCO SYSTEM works, or to replace free of charge, ex factory, the defective part or parts. All transport costs connected with this are at buyer’s account and risk. Replaced parts remain the property of SOCO SYSTEM and shall be returned carriage paid to SOCO SYSTEM. If buyer requests assistance by SOCO SYSTEM servicemen on site, SOCO SYSTEM is entitled to payment. SOCO SYSTEM does not undertake any responsibility from repair works, which without consent from SOCO SYSTEM in writing are carried out by other firms.

15) Normal wear and tear or damage caused by incorrect or improper handling by buyer (end user) are NOT covered by the above guarantee. SOCO SYSTEM does not undertake any responsibility for the suitability, correctness, and/or accuracy of buyer’s amendments in design and/or construction.

16) No compensation is given for working loss, lost profit, damage to property, injury to persons, or other costs caused by SOCO SYSTEM due to e.g. defects or flaws ascertained in the goods delivered.

Complete plants
17) Complete plants are subject to special terms of sale and delivery.

18) Cancellation of agreements cannot be made without consent from SOCO SYSTEM. In case of any costs resulting from the transaction, SOCO SYSTEM may claim compensation.

19) The jurisdiction of the court to which SOCO SYSTEM refers operates in all disputes regarding the consignment or part of it. The settlement must be in accordance with Danish legislation and practice.