- one of the largest web shops in DK - improves ergonomics and boosts capacity with a new packaging line from SOCO SYSTEM has its distribution centre and warehouse in Odense from where the company ships its products to all of Denmark. has a strong focus on ergonomics and proper work postures in its packaging department. Repetitive work and numerous lifting motions constitute a big part of everyday life in a packaging department. To counteract this, the company introduced work routine rotation, among others, to avoid that any employee palletises more than two hours. Also, there are various aids in the form of lifting tools etc. to further alleviate the work burden.


“Switching from handheld tape dispensers to carton sealers resulted in improved ergonomics and a 20-30% capacity increase,” tells Keld Duevang, head of department at

When sealing many boxes every day using a handheld tape dispenser, inevitably shoulder pain will develop. Using automated carton sealers for top and bottom sealing of cases, this can be avoided. It is also faster, and the end result much more impressive. uses 11 different box sizes due to the large variety of products and order sizes. The carton sealers automatically adjust to the selected carton size making them ideal for web shops typically working with many different box sizes.


The SOCO SYSTEM solution
The packaging line consists of three 2-person packaging stations complete with packaging tables to facilitate case erecting, closure of the bottom flaps, and fixing of the case during filling. Ball tables enable easy insertion of filled cases into the case sealer, which automatically adapts to the size of the box and seals it at top and bottom with tape. The sealed case is then led onto a driven roller conveyor, after which the cases from the three packaging stations are accumulated and collected for palletising.
The packaging line consists of standard modules from the extensive SOCO SYSTEM range; they can be expanded, moved, and adjusted in response to changes in the production environment. The SOCO SYSTEM products are ideal for web shops and are stocked to meet different packaging needs and solutions.

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