End-of-line packaging solution with sustainable result!

POLIFILM founds fourth subgroup POLICYCLE. The aim of the new company is to take back old film from customers, recycle it and ideally return the material obtained from this into the same or a similarly high-quality film required by the customer, e.g. high-quality garbage bags.

To realise this, the group actively invests in POLICYCLE, for example by building new production sections at the Weißandt-Gölzau site.

SOCO SYSTEM was commissioned to pack the garbage bag rolls fully automatically, right up to the finished pallet.

Standard modules with fixed specifications were used, for both case erector, conveying system, and case sealer.

A proven SOCO SYSTEM palletising solution with automatic pallet change, pallet magazine for 14 pallets, stacks the finished cartons on the pallet and automatically places layer pads.

To secure the load, the pallet is provided with a top cover and is then film wrapped. The system manufactured by SOCO SYSTEM was completely assembled and tested in the factory before delivery ensuring a short and smooth commissioning.