Fully automatic case erectors

The case erector is available in various versions with tape or hotmelt sealing on the bottom.

The case erector is available in various versions with tape or hotmelt sealing on the bottom.

Efficient and flexible case erectors

Increase production efficiency and save time and money by choosing a case erector (also known as a carton or box erector) from SOCO SYSTEM. We offer a wide range of fully automatic case erectors preparing cases, boxes and cartons for use by erecting (assembling) and forwarding them on a conveyor ready for filling. The case erectors are available in different versions with varying capacity, for different case formats, and with either tape or hotmelt sealing of the case bottom.

Benefits of a fully automatic case erector
A fully automatic case erector from SOCO SYSTEM offers numerous benefits:

  • Cost efficient. The erector is fully automatic thus significantly reducing labour costs.
  • Time saving. It handles large quantities of packaging at high speed for increased production efficiency.
  • Improved work environment. Reduced strain on employees and a low sound level improve the work environment.
  • Easy to use. The erector is started by pushing a button, it is easy to install thus facilitating the daily work of case erecting.
  • Space saving. The compact design requires only minimal space in the production facilities.
  • High reliability. The erector is highly reliable, it has a long service life, and is easy to maintain, resulting in a minimum of production standstills.
  • Flexible. It can be customised and expanded as needed, thus safeguarding future business development.

Case erectors with tape or hotmelt sealing
We offer two types of fully automatic case erectors:

In the basic version, these machines handle FEFCO 0201 cases, however, they can be adapted to erect other types of cases and cartons. Prior to delivery, each case erector is tested with the customer’s specific cases and cartons to ensure that the machines perform optimum case erecting in your production. All machines are prepared for cases with overlapping side flaps.

Our new, upgraded case erectors feature a touch screen and a Human Machine Interface, the latest Festo components, and an alarm with three different colour indications. The new Festo components significantly reduce the air consumption and the noise level. As a result, the end user benefits from increased user-friendliness, which in turn improves operation and machine capacity.

Free hands for your operators
Our fully automatic case erectors are easy to operate: The operator places a stack of flat cases in the magazine, presses the start button, and can then fully concentrate on the packaging process. The erected, bottom sealed cartons move on a conveyor toward the operator ready for filling. All machines are supplied with a manual and a spare parts list - we offer service and spare parts availability throughout the full service life of the machine.

A large number of optional features are available for the case erectors to ensure tailored adaptation to the specific needs of your company. One option, for example, is a side flap spreader to deal with case issues such as poor quality either of the case design or material. The erectors are also available with extended magazine, tape alarm, wheels, in stainless steel finish, with optional paint colour, etc.

Invest in a fully automatic packaging line system
The case erectors are only a part of our fully automatic packaging line streamlining packaging work, increasing productivity, and eliminating physically strenuous work routines. The packaging line is composed of reliable and proven standard modules, which can be combined to suit any and every requirement. As the prerequisites of your business change, feel free to add and/or move modules and functions as required. Read more about our packaging line modules by clicking on the “Products” option above.

Request a non-binding chat
If you have questions about our case erectors or our fully automatic packaging lines, please feel free to contact us. Please call one of our consultants at +44 1 782 274100 or send an e-mail to info@socosystem.co.uk to request a non-binding chat about the solutions we can offer to your enterprise. We look forward to hearing from you!