Environmental policy

The activities of the company including product development, design, manufacture, and marketing are carried out in accordance with established procedures and specifications. It is the intention, as far as possible, to use materials and processes ensuring the best possible working environment with minimal pollution of the external environment.

SOCO SYSTEM undertakes to work within existing rules and it is a company objective that applicable regulatory requirements and environmental regulations are observed as a minimum, and preferably with a good margin.

The company is actively working on a limitation of resource requirements by increased recycling of materials and by reducing waste to a minimum.

In connection with new acquisitions of operating equipment, resource and environmental considerations are substantial factors in the decision making process.

The company has an ongoing assessment of the possibilities available for environmental improvements of the company activities ranging from manufacturing to delivery of the goods.

The company attaches great importance to involving employees in the environmental work to the extent appropriate, especially in connection with the working environment but also in all other contexts.

The SOCO SYSTEM name and products must, at any time, be associated with great respect for employees, quality, and environment.