Basic packaging station

Case sealer T-55 + F-100 packaging table + Boomerang Fill, seal, and palletise from the same position.


T-55 case sealer with automatic adjustment for case size

Top and bottom closure.
The automatic height and width adjustment makes the T-55 ideal in packing lines where case sizes vary, e.g. in the dispatch department of warehouses. Two operators can work simultaneously on either side of the packing table.

The T-55 can operate as a fully automatic top and bottom sealer provided the top flaps of the case are closed by means of a control label or a small piece of tape.

Basic models
T-55 and T-55 Maxi. Both models are available with high pillars for extra tall cases.

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  • Easy tape and dispenser replacement.
  • Easy to maintain with low maintenance and spare parts costs.
  • Wide range of accessory equipment.
  • Electro-galvanised or stainless steel finish.
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