Packaging system for random cases

Case sealer T-55 + F-100 semiautomatic case erector + Boomerang Fill, seal, and palletise from the same position.

Packaging system for random cases

Boomerang packaging system for case sealers

The boomerang system is ideal as a "one-man packing station" where a single operator can fill, seal, and palletise cases from practically the same position.

The boomerang packing station allows three operations to be carried out within a very limited area, approx. 8 m2:

1. Case erecting and holding the empty case in place. The operator has both hands free for filling.

2. Case sealing at the top and bottom, the cases then pass onto the conveyor and accumulate directly behind the operator.

3. The cases are palletised when the accumulating conveyor is full.

Delivered complete with supports and coupling fittings.

The entire system can be fitted with castors.

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  • Width Item no. Quantity
    300 450180303
    400 450180403
    500 450180503
    All measurements are in mm. Subject to alteration.
  • Specifications
    Tubes Ø 48 mm impact-proof plastic.
    Axles Ø 8 mm aluminium.
    End bearings Plastic insert with stainless steel balls.
    Frames Electro-galvanised steel.
    Axle pitch As standard, the boomerang system is delivered with a 90 mm pitch. Please contact our sales department if a different pitch is required.
    Width 300, 400, 500 mm.
    Load 10 kg per roller. Max. 75 kg per metre conveyor.
    Subject to alteration.