SOCO Pack ATS case erector - Tape

Erects the case and bottom seals it with tape – ready for filling.

SOCO Pack ATS is a high speed, fully automatic case erector with integrated bottom tape sealer.

The machine handles FEFCO 0201 cases as standard.

As examples of extra functions, the case erector can be fitted with side flap spreader if cases are causing problems due to poor design or material quality. The machine is also prepared for cases with overlapping side flaps.

The machine is also available partly in stainless steel.

The SOCO SYSTEM case erector is the perfect start of the packaging line – improves ergonomics and increases productivity and automation.

The pneumatic parts of the case erector are from Festo and the PLC is Siemens.

  • Compact machine.
  • Easy installation.
  • User-friendly software with numerous possibilities.
  • Low noise level and low air consumption.
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  • Model Item no. Quantity
    BE-2200 ATS Right 8051021613
    BE-2200 ATS Left 8051021623
    BE-2300 ATS Right 8051021513
    BE-2300 ATS Left 8051021523
    BE-2400 ATS Right 8051021713
    BE-2400 ATS Left 8051021723
    BE-2500 ATS Right 8051021813
    BE-2500 ATS Left 8051021823
    BE-2600 ATS Right 8051027413
    Subject to alteration.
  • Specifications BE-2200 ATS BE-2300 ATS BE-2400 ATS BE-2500 ATS BE-2600 ATS
    Case size
    Min. L x W x H mm 180 x 130 x 100 250 x 190 x 130 265 x 190 x 150 400 x 220 x 185 430 x 310 x 350
    Max. L x W x H mm 440 x 315 x 450 620 x 440 x 550 830 x 440 x 550 1080 x 490 x 850 900 x 695 x 800
    Capacity cases/min. Up to 18*. Up to 15*. Up to 12*. Up to 8*. Up to 6*.
    Case construction FEFCO 0201. Other constructions available on demand.
    Case material Corrugated board thickness 2.0 - 7.0 mm (a- b- c- b/c-flute).
    Case cardboard magazine capacity Approx. 190 pcs in c-flute.
    Suction plate Interchangeable suction plate.
    The machine is delivered with one vacuum head as standard.
    Electrical specifications 0.5 kW, 400 V, 50 Hz, 3 phases, with earth.
    Air consumption 38 l free air/cycle, min. 600 kPa, 1/2" connection.
    Noise level Max. 74 dBA.
    Colour As standard, the case erector is supplied in RAL-9006 (light grey).
    Queue control Queue control is standard.
    *Depending on the quality, construction, and size of the case.

    The machine is delivered with Siemens PLC and Festo pneumatic parts as standard.

    Subject to alteration.