PW-1200 Fully-automatic pallet stretch-wrapper

PW-1200 is well suited for integration into fully automatic packaging lines.

PW-1200 applies, cuts, and brushes on the film.

The standard equipment includes, among other things:

  • Frequency control system which makes it possible to adjust the machine to different types of pallet loads. This offers a great advantage where pallet loads are light or perhaps fragile. The machine starts up slowly and then accelerates. Independent setting of film carriage and turntable speed.
  • Signal communication for control of pallet transport to and from the turntable.
  • Adjustable automatic top pressure plate. The top pressure plate can be adjusted to the current maximum load height. This ensures minimal travel of the top pressure plate and increased machine capacity.
  • Driven pallet roller conveyor on turntable.
  • Film alarm that automatically stops the machine and sends a signal when the film has run out or not been applied.
  • Brake motor which stops the turntable in the required position.
  • Pre-stretch fully utilises the film. Pre-stretch is 2:1.

Control system and operation
The PW-1200 is equipped with a unique and user-friendly control system ensuring high productivity at lowest possible costs.

The machine is easy to operate and to set to achieve optimum pallet load wrapping:

  • Variable number of wraps at top and bottom upon selection (1-9).
  • Independent setting of turntable and up/down movement speed of film carriage during operation.
  • Current number of completed wraps is displayed on the control panel.
  • Different types of control systems are available.

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  • Item no.
  • Specifications
  • Model Item no. Quantity
    PW-1200 (0812) 448003013
    PW-1200 (1012) 448003043
    Subject to alteration.
  • Specifications PW-1200 (0812) PW-1200 (1012)
    Pallet load dimensions
    Max. length 47 1/4" 47 1/4"
    Max. width 31 1/2" 39 3/8"
    Max. height 79 7/8" 79 7/8"
    Min. height 13 5/8" 13 5/8"
    Max. pallet load 3307 lbs 3307 lbs
    Machine dimensions
    Length 103" 104 1/2"
    Width 58 1/4" 64 1/8"
    Height 131 7/8" 131 7/8"
    Min. height above floor 13 3/4" 13 3/4"
    Film roll dimensions Length max. 17 3/8"-20 1/2", outer diameter max. 15 3/4", inner diameter 3".
    Capacity Max. 35 pallets per hour.
    Electric specifications 3 x 400 V 50 Hz, power consumption 1.0 kW, control voltage 24 V.
    Surface treatment All parts are powder coated or electro-galvanised.
    Colours Red RAL 2002, black RAL 9005 (available in other colours against an additional price).
    Air 11,5 l at 6 bar per cycle.
    All measurements are in inches. Subject to alteration.