Transfer trolleys

Suitable for transport of pallets between two or more conveyor lines.

Several possible applications include delivering empty pallets from a pallet magazine to several pallet loaders and collecting full pallets and transferring these for onward central conveyance.

The transfer trolley can be fitted with:

  • Driven roller conveyors.
  • Chain conveyors.

The standard transfer trolley has safety bumpers. On contact, the transfer trolley stops. The transfer trolley runs on rails fitted into or on the floor.

Together with an order inquiry, please provide the following additional information to SOCO SYSTEM:

  • Products to be transferred.
  • Pallet sizes and direction of movement.
  • Pallet load height.
  • Required operating height - minimum and standard is 350 mm.
  • Distance of trolley movement.
  • Required capacity as number of pallet transfers per hour.
  • Preferred method of power supply through "overhead rail" or floor mounted "power chain".
  • Preferred type of floor rail - "built-in" or "rails-on-floor".
  • Preferred method of personnel protection.
  • Specifications
  • Specifications
    Payload Max. 1500 kg.
    Gear motor 2 units each of 0.25 kW.
    Speed Standard 10 m/min. Other speeds available on request.
    Standard width 970 mm, 1170 mm, and 1370 mm.
    Standard length 1500 mm.
    Operating height With roller conveyor: Minimum 350 mm. With chain conveyor: Minimum 450 mm. Other heights on request.
    Subject to alteration.