Driven chain conveyors - duplex chain

Conveyor width 290 mm is designed for 1/2 and 1/4 pallets depending on base configuration.

  • Item no.
  • Specifications
  • Height 225 mm excl. supports
    Width Length Item no. Quantity
    290 1000 485950145
    1500 485950245
    2000 485950345
    2500 485950445
    3000 485950545
    All measurements are in mm. Subject to alteration.
  • Specifications
    Payload For use up to 1,500 kg load per pallet and motor unit. Maximum suitable load is determined by several factors like speed of operation, width of conveyor, and shape and width of the pallets. If in doubt, please contact SOCO SYSTEM.
    Standard height Supports available for standard heights from 225 mm to 650 mm. Other heights on request.
    Gear motor 0.55 kW. Worm reduction gear mounted on cross bar between the frames.
    Speed 11.4 m/min., 1500 kg with single gear motor. Other speeds available on request.
    Chains 3/4" pallet chain with straight side plates.
    Chain distance Approx. 700 mm for 750 mm width. Approx. 900 mm for 950 mm width.
    Subject to alteration.