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Vertical conveyor - SOCO Verti lift

The Verti lift is designed for vertical transport of cartons, pails, plastic trays, etc.

The Verti lift is intended to supplement the bulky, inclined belt conveyors for upward or downward transport of units.

The Verti lift transports the units on shelves which travel continuously according to the paternoster principle. A photocell registers that a unit is approaching the lift where the unit is picked up when a shelf is ready to receive.

The Verti series is made up of standard modules for transport of units of the following sizes (length x width):
400 mm x 400 mm
600 mm x 400 mm
600 mm x 600 mm
800 mm x 600 mm

In principle, the lift consists of three standard modules: Bottom, top, and intermediate modules.
The lifting height is adjusted by means of intermediate modules.
The Verti lift is PLC controlled.

Download the brochure and read more about SOCO Verti. Fill in the form on the last page of the brochure with specifications and mail it to us at and we will send an offer for the desired Verti model.

SOCO Verti brochure