PW-1100 Semi-automatic pallet stretch-wrapper

With top pressure plate.

The machine is equally suitable for light and heavy pallet loads.

The top pressure plate moves down automatically holding the pallet load securely in place during the wrapping operation.

The top pressure plate can be adjusted according to a required maximum loading height. Its travel is thus minimized, resulting in an increased capacity of the machine.

The standard equipment includes, among other things:

  • Independent setting of film carriage and turntable speed makes it possible to fully utilize the film and to determine the extent of film overlap.
  • Soft start on turntable. A great advantage where pallet loads are light or fragile. The turntable starts up slowly and then accelerates until the required speed has been reached.
  • Memory stores the last used settings for the turntable and film carriage speeds.
  • Programme for rainproof pallet stretch-wrapping offering efficient protection against rain and humidity (requires separate top film application).
  • Automatic setting of pallet load height, a photocell registers the height of the pallet load.

The sealed tower, the emergency stop as well as the safety switch built into the foot plate under the film carriage make the PW-1100 a very safe machine.

  • Variable number of wraps at top and bottom available upon selection (1-9).
  • Independent setting of turntable and up/down speed of film carriage during operation as required.
  • The option of manual operationand, with this, the possibility of choosing, for instance only top wrapping.
  • Item no.
  • Specifications
  • Model Item no. Quantity
    PW-1100 (621) 460056213
    PW-1100 (631) 460056313
    PW-1100 (121) 460051213
    PW-1100 (131) 460051313
    Subject to alteration.
  • Specifications PW-1100 (621) PW-1100 (631) PW-1100 (121) PW-1100 (131)
    Pallet load dimensions
    Max. length (mm) 1200 1200 1200 1200
    Max. width (mm) 800 800 1000 1000
    Max height (mm) 1755 2255 1755 2255
    Max. pallet load (kg) 1500 1500 1000 1000
    Machine dimensions
    Length (mm) 2615 2615 2680 2680
    Width (mm) 1480 1480 1630* 1630*
    Height (mm) 2654 3154 2654 3154
    Min. height above floor (mm) 125 125 125 125
    Film roll dimension (mm) Length max. 440-520, outer diameter max. 400, inner diameter 76.
    Capacity Max. 50 pallets per hour.
    Electric specifications 3 x 230/400 V, 50 Hz, power consumption 0.5 kW. Other specifications upon request.
    Surface treatment All parts are powder-coated or electro-galvanised.
    Colours Red RAL 2002, black RAL 9005 (available in other colours at a surcharge).
    Subject to alteration.