Case sealer in-a-box

See how easy the T-2000 case sealer is to mount and to adjust to actual carton size.

T-2000 case sealer

T-2000 The new case sealer generation

Seals the top and bottom of the case.
The machine can be adjusted from both sides.

The machine is easy to clean and resistant to vapour and moisture.

Basic models
The compact machine is available in two basic models T-2000 and T-2000 Maxi. T-2000 Maxi is suited for use in industries handling large cases.

  • The machine is very easy to adjust for current case size and adjustment can be carried out from both sides.
  • Easy change of tape.
  • Compact design.
  • Easy and economical maintenance.
  • Extensive accessory programme, e.g. braked castors, packaging tables, and conveyors.
Build your own case sealer - Click the configure tab!
  • Item no.
  • Specifications
  • Accessories
  • Configurator
  • Model Item no. Quantity
    T-2000 5-5-9 482208313
    T-2000 5-8-9 482208513
    T-2000 Maxi 7-5-9 482203773
    T-2000 Maxi 7-8-9 482203973
    All measurements are in mm. Subject to alteration.
  • Specifications T-2000 5-5-9 T-2000 5-8-9 T-2000 Maxi 7-5-9 T-2000 Maxi 7-8-9
    Case dimensions*
    Max. (LxWxH) mm Infinite x 520 x 520 Infinite x 515 x 820 Infinite x 720 x 520 Infinite x 720 x 820
    Min. (LxWxH) mm 140 x 90 x 90 140 x 90 x 90 140 x 130 x 100 155 x 130 x 100
    Tape overlap
    70 mm Standard Standard Standard Standard
    50 mm Option Option Option Option
    Tape width
    25 - 30 mm Option Option Option Option
    38 - 50 mm Standard Standard Option Option
    50 - 75 mm Option Option Standard Standard
    Side drives
    Height 50 mm Standard Standard Option Option
    Height 80 mm Option Option Standard Standard
    Capacity* Max. 30/ min.
    Electric specifications 3 x 230/400 V, 50-60 Hz, or 3 x 415/460 V, 50-60 Hz. Connected load 0.3 kW. Other specifications available upon request.
    Tape diameter Max. 385 mm.
    Standard Standard Option Optional

    * Depending on the construction and quality of the case.

    Subject to alteration.