Examples of modules that increases the productivity and improves the working environment:

    Product focus

    • … neither clever, comfortable, nor safe!

      Manual stacking and not the least destacking of pallets is a heavy, dirty, and irksome job.
      It is noisy and dusty when a pallet is tilted from the top of a pallet stack. The pallet might break and cause production stoppage in the production.
      At worst, an employee is injured.

      A pallet weighs approx. 25 kg!


      • Splinters in fingers
      • Destroyed pallets
      • Risk of back injuries
      • Risk of crushing injuries
      • Noise and dust nuisance
      • Mess
    • … both safe, easy, and noiseless! Test one.

      The PalManager is used either for stacking of pallets or as a magazine from which the operator can collect one pallet at a time.
      The pallet magazine is available in two versions for 14 or 20 pallets.

      The pallet magazine can be used as single module or as an integrated part of a large system.


      • Safe pallet handling - fewer industrial injuries
      • No physical strain
      • Almost noiseless operation
      • Spares the pallets
      • User friendly operation

    Latest news!

    • New user interface for pallet magazine

      From push buttons to touch panel - more features and easier!